Cruzaa Electric Bike – Free Shipping From The UK 2022


Break out of the norm with a Cruzaa Ebike. These bikes are a fashion statement as well as being a fully functional, eco-friendly, transportation product.

Cruzaa ebikes are fully electric, giving you that pedal assist when you need it the most – both to take the effort away as well as giving you a nice steady cruise.

The lightweight aluminium frame makes the bike very agile and easy to handle.

Our integrated 4 stage electronic motor gives you all the power you could want when riding up hills, grass and bumpy terrain as well as gliding away on smooth surfaces.

The 60km (37mile) range makes The Cruzaa an ideal bike for your daily commutes.

With bluetooth 5.0, you can easily play music from your phone on the move (note: this will effect the battery life and range).

The 12 month manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind, should you have any concerns – so buy now with confidence or contact us with any questions.

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